Importance of Elevator Preventative Maintenance

Importance of Elevator Preventative Maintenance

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Why Elevator Preventative Maintenance is Essential

Did you know that elevator preventative maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your elevator running smoothly? At Sandoval Elevator, we believe that regular elevator maintenance is essential for the safety and performance of your elevator, which is why we’re discussing everything you need to know about preventative maintenance to help ensure your elevators operate at peak performance.

What is Elevator Preventative Maintenance?

Elevator preventative maintenance is a scheduled service routinely performed on all elevator equipment to ensure it’s in good working condition and is compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. This type of maintenance typically includes a detailed inspection of the inside of the elevator car, top of the car, and machine room.

During the inspection, an elevator service technician will assess and perform various tasks, including:

  • Inspect the equipment for wear and tear and any potential risks
  • Check the condition of operating devices and signs, such as buttons, lights, car door force, and ventilation
  • Repair and replace any operating components that are not working
  • Make sure all safety and emergency devices are available and working properly
  • Clean, adjust, and lubricate elevator parts
  • Examine travel cables and hoistways to make certain they’re operational
  • Test the elevator speed to ensure it’s safe
  • Prepare a comprehensive and well-documented report of the inspection

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

There are many reasons why preventative maintenance is so important in the elevator industry. First, elevator equipment is very expensive to repair or replace if it breaks down. By performing regular preventative maintenance, you can help extend the life of your equipment and avoid having to make a major investment down the road.

Additionally, elevator downtime can be extremely costly. If an elevator goes down, it can mean lost revenue, frustrated passengers, and a major headache for your business. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, you can help avoid elevator downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

How Often Should Preventative Maintenance Be Performed?

The frequency of elevator preventative maintenance will vary depending on the type of equipment you have and how often it is used. However, most experts recommend that elevator equipment be serviced monthly. If your equipment is heavily used or if you have had any problems with it in the past, contact Sandoval Elevator for a free assessment of your elevators which includes a detailed maintenance plan designed to eliminate or reduce ongoing problems.

Choose Sandoval Elevator for Elevator Maintenance

Making elevator preventative maintenance a priority for your business is one of the best things you can do to keep your elevator equipment running properly and avoid costly repairs or downtime. Call Sandoval Elevator for all your elevator maintenance needs.

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