Elevator repair service.

Sandoval Elevator repairs every make and model of hydraulic elevators for Colorado and Arizona businesses. Our dedicated team of specialists and adjusters will provide elevator repairs, troubleshooting, and replacement of key components, including many hard-to-find parts or technology that’s no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer.

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The Sandoval advantage.

When you contact Sandoval Elevator for elevator repair service, you can rest assured your elevator will be made a top priority the minute you call. We believe in responding to our customers quickly and will promptly provide custom and cost-effective solutions centered around your broken elevator’s unique requirements. As a result, you’ll feel at ease knowing your low-rise buildings’ elevators are fixed to ensure they’re safe and in the best condition.

When to call an elevator repair service.

  • Elevator doors shutter when opening or closing.
  • Elevator shakes or makes a loud noise when going up or down.
  • Recent power outage has left the elevator non-responsive.
  • Water leaking in the pit or machine room.
  • Elevator emergency phone not working.
  • Elevator not at floor level when the doors open, creating a tripping hazard.
  • Elevator door stuck open or taking a long time to close.
  • Fire Alarm in the building has gone off and the elevator won’t respond.

Local code compliance and testing procedures.

Our team can perform monthly, annual, and 5-year testing requirements to ensure elevators are in compliance with the local jurisdiction. We bring local experience and positive working relationships with code authorities to help mitigate violations and keep elevators operating within local code requirements.

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