When to Consider an Elevator Modernization

When to Consider an Elevator Modernization

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5 Signs It’s Time to Consider an Elevator Modernization

As a building owner, the last thing you want to hear is that your elevators are running slowly and creating a long queue in the lobby. But if they are, it may be time to consider elevator modernization, which is the process of improving elevator parts that improve performance, increase safety, and enhance the machine’s aesthetics.

Here are five clear signs that indicate your elevator requires modernization.

1. It’s Old and Outdated

If your elevator is more than 20 years old or has been poorly maintained, it may be time to update it. Older and outdated elevators are less efficient and can have slower response times than modernized versions. Replacing aging equipment with newer parts can help reduce energy costs over time.

2. It’s Malfunctioning or Breaking Down Often

Over time, elevator parts deteriorate and become less reliable, causing the machine to malfunction and break down. This is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous and lead to a loss of trust in the building.

When your elevator is causing disruptions, it’s critical to update its five major components, including the controller, power unit, fixtures, door operator and equipment, and code building upgrades. Modernizing these parts can increase safety, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the machine operates at peak performance.

3. It Requires Frequent Repairs

Does your elevator require frequent repairs for it to operate efficiently? If so, this is a key sign it’s time to consider an elevator modernization project. By upgrading your machine, you’ll be able to implement modern solutions that improve elevator safety and save you money on costly maintenance and repair fees.

4. It Fails to Meet Safety Standards

Elevators that are old or have been poorly maintained may not meet current safety standards set by local and federal regulations. Modernizing an elevator with new safety features ensures the highest level of safety for building occupants.

5. It Doesn’t Fit the Building’s Design

If an elevator was installed many years ago, it might look out of place in the building’s current design. To meet the new look and feel of the building, it’s important to modernize the elevator’s aesthetics, including its cab interior. At Sandoval Elevator, our cab interior package for modernization projects includes updating the elevator’s walls, handrails, and ceiling and adding custom upgrades to the machine. This ensures the elevator fits in perfectly with the building’s design.

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