Elevator Cab Interior Designs (7 Considerations)

Elevator Cab Interior Designs (7 Considerations)

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7 Considerations for Designing Elevator Cab Interiors

When you step into an elevator, the first thing you notice is the cab’s interior. To ensure your elevator’s cab leaves a positive first impression and experience for passengers, it’s essential to ensure they’re well-designed. Here are five considerations to remember when designing elevator cab interiors.

 1. Passenger Load & Elevator Usage

One of the most important considerations regarding elevator cab design is passenger load and elevator usage. Depending on how many people travel in your elevator per day, you may want to include larger interior dimensions or two elevator doors in your design for efficient passenger flow. Also, if the elevator is frequently used, you should consider using durable materials resistant to scratches, dents, and scuffs.

2. Safety & Security

Another key consideration when designing elevator cabs is safety and security. This includes ensuring your elevator has the appropriate safety features installed, such as visual and audible alarms, security cameras, fire-rated and UL-approved materials, and emergency contact buttons. In addition, it’s essential to ensure your elevator meets all safety and security regulations set by federal, state, and local governing organizations.

3. Design & Comfort

While functional considerations are important, an elevator cab design must be visually appealing and comfortable for passengers. It’s essential to use materials and finishes that are attractive and features that improve passenger comfort, such as ambient lighting or heating and cooling systems.

At Sandoval Elevator, we offer premium and high-quality cab interior styles, including our three most popular: Montlake, Eastlake, and Newcastle. Each of our cab interior designs comes equipped with the following features:

  • Unique interlocking laminate wall panels in a variety of colors and designs
  • Stainless steel reveals and base ensuring durability and a custom finished look
  • ADA-mounted handrails on the rear and both side walls; choose between a round or flat design in a stainless-steel finish
  • LED Down Light Ceilings providing perfect, energy-efficient lighting
  • Fire-rated and UL-approved materials by all authorities having jurisdiction

4. Building Functionality

When considering the design of your elevator’s cab, it’s essential to think about the building’s functionality. This is because an elevator cab design will be much different for an assisted living facility versus a manufacturing facility.

On top of this, it’s vital to consider where the elevator is located in the building. If it’s in a car garage, you may want a simple design. Whereas, if it’s located in a 5-star resort, you may want to opt for high-end finishes and luxurious wall paneling.

5. Budget Limitations

To ensure your elevator cab project is a success, you must consider your budget. Custom-designed elevator cabs can be expensive, especially when you opt for high-end finishes. It’s vital to know how much you’re able to spend and what features are most important to have before the project begins.

6. Timeline Restraints

How long can your elevator be out of service? When is the due date for project completion? These are all important considerations that play a crucial role in determining any timeline restraints of the project. It’s crucial to communicate these restraints to your elevator company to ensure your elevator is installed on time and to your satisfaction.

7. Industry Expertise

Finally, if you’re looking for help designing elevator cab interiors that meet all these important considerations and more, it’s worth consulting with elevator industry experts like Sandoval Elevator, who can provide valuable insight and guidance throughout the design and installation process. With their expertise and assistance, you can be sure that your elevator cabs are truly designed to impress.

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